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Ilan, Sarah, Mireille
plus jamais ça
notre patience à une limite

Depuis 2002, la haine antisémite se répand crescendo en France et la répression de ces ignobles criminels est inversement proportionnelle à l'horreur de leur crime !


Political leaders are expected to express their opinion on free equal justice by forming the national union (1000 current and former mayors all over the country).

  • Our activists invite police violence victims to share stories
  • We encourage you to help us prevent lethal criminal cases
  • Support families who wish to keep their children safe

When we bring the people and government together, we want them to get along and advocate for laws that will support the anti-racism system.
Contact us now. Let’s make a difference today!

Plus jamais ça!

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Latest Signatures
14 Richard ABITBOL Paris France Oct 20, 2022
13 Tito Rahman Montreal Canada Jan 14, 2020
12 Daniel Veloso Cunha Rio de janeiro Brasil Déc 16, 2019
11 b nau vi aut Sep 16, 2019
10 Leonard Welch Limassol Cyprus Juil 12, 2019
9 Rudolf Schenker Hildesheim Germany Avr 10, 2019
8 David Glover Detroit United States Avr 10, 2019

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